'Colorless' Fafnir

Vital statistics
Name 'Colorless' Fafnir
Kanji 無色のファフニール
Romaji 'Mushoku' no Fafunīru
Gender Male
Affiliation Counterdragon
Status Deceased
Relatives Leonardo B. Lord (Younger Twin Brother) †
Charlotte B. Lord (Niece)
Loki Jotunheim (Descendant)
First appearance
Light Novel Debut
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Anime Debut
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'Colorless' Fafnir ('無色'のファフニール, 'Mushoku' no Fafunīru) is one of the Dragons that appear in the Unlimited Fafnir series and the original holder of Code Lost.




The first Fafnir was born centuries prior to the start of the series. At some point, both he and his younger twin brother, Leonardo B. Lord, simultaneously obtained Authorities as Counterdragons and understood that their purpose was to protect the world from humanity's civilization. However, Fafnir realized that if his Authority fully manifested, it would result in the eradication of mankind. As such, he chose not to use his Authority for the rest of his life and left the task of protecting the world to his brother, leading to his unused Authority being labeled as 'Code Lost'. After his death, his Authority was spread in a weakened form, since there was no successor, and was passed on to several humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Code Lost (Formerly): Fafnir's Authority, Code Lost, allows him to manipulate the law of causality in order to twist a person's fate and lead him to certain death merely by imagining it. At full power, Code Lost is capable of exterminating all of humanity the moment the user directs killing intent towards anyone. However, understanding how dangerous this ability was, he never used it once in his entire life.


  • Fafnir is the name of a dwarf in Norse Mythology who was turned into a dragon by the curse of Andvari's ring and gold, and was slain by the hero Sigurd.