'Gold' Phoenix

Vital statistics
Name 'Gold' Phoenix
Kanji '金'のフェニックス
Romaji 'Kin' no Fenikkusu
Gender Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Affiliation Counterdragon
Status Deceased
First appearance
Light Novel Debut
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
English VA

'Gold' Phoenix ('金'のフェニックス, 'Kin' no Fenikkusu) was the original Third Counterdragon, the predecessor of 'Yellow' Hraesvelgr and the previous holder of Code Drei, Ether Wind. It was born to oppose the Third True Dragon, 'True Obliteration' Ragnarok, and presumably succeeded in killing the third calamity, but perished at some point in the past, causing Code Drei to be passed down to Hraesvelgr.

Background Edit

Phoenix was born in response to Ragnarok's arrival on Earth in the distant past. Using Code Drei, Ether Wind, Phoenix presumably succeeded in killing Ragnarok. However, at some point, Phoenix died, causing Code Drei to be passed down to 'Yellow' Hraesvelgr.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ether Wind: Phoenix's Authority, Code Drei, Ether Wind, allowed it to manipulate ether particles in order to manifest the souls of living organisms. It is unknown if Phoenix used it in the same way that Hraesvelgr did, manifesting its own soul to wrap around its physical body and render most attacks ineffective.

Trivia Edit

  • Phoenix's name is derived from the immortal firebird which originated in Greek Mythology.

Navigation Edit

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