'Heavy Tremor' Nova

Vital statistics
Name 'Heavy Tremor' Nova
Kanji '重震'のノヴァ
Romaji 'Jushin' no Novua
Gender Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Affiliation True Dragon
Status Active
First appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 13
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
English VA

'Heavy Tremor' Nova ('重震'のノヴァ, 'Jushin' no Novua) is the Fourth True Dragon, the fourth of the calamities that have threatened the very existence of Earth as a whole. It was presumably killed by 'Silver' Tiamat, the predecessor of 'White' Leviathan, at some point in the distant past. It was revived in modern times with 'Demise' Angolmois in the guise of Miyako Shinomiya as its core.

Appearance Edit

Being more of a natural phenomenon than a living being, Nova's appearance is that of whatever is acting as its core.

Background Edit

Nova arrived on Earth at an unspecified point in time in the distant past, possessing the capability to wipe out all life on the planet. However, it was presumably killed by 'Silver' Tiamat, the Counterdragon born to oppose it, through the use of Code Vier, Antigravity.

Plot Edit

Stardust Cry Edit

'Demise' Angolmois reveals that Nova is more of a phenomenon than a living being, and anything is capable of acting as its core as long as it is physical matter. Its false body as Miyako Shinomiya is currently acting as Nova's core, using its power to fly from the waters of Norway to the unknown territory in the African continent.

Powers and Abilties Edit

Unknown Gravity Manipulation Ability: Nova possesses some form of control over gravity, allowing 'Demise' Angolmois to fly from the waters of Norway to Africa in a mere three hours.

Trivia Edit

  • Nova's name is derived from the cosmic event in which a cataclysmic nuclear explosion occurs on a white dwarf, causing a sudden and temporary brightening before returning to its original state over a period of time.

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