Red Catastrophe
Manga Chapter 19 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 4
Chapter 19
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
Chapter guide
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Next Chapter 20

Red Catastrophe is the nineteenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the fourth manga volume.

Synopsis Edit

On top of Mistilteinn, Mitsuki reviews the plan of attack once more with the rest of the Counter-Dragon Squad. After being wished good luck by Tear, Yuu and his friends begin the operation. Although Basilisk attacks them with its third eye sooner than expected, the reinforced Mistilteinn succeeds in blocking the shot, as well the normal version of Catastrophe. While continuing with the descent, Yuu thinks back to Mitsuki's hypothesis that Basilisk's unusual perception might be a result of it seeing the future and their plan to counter that. Basilisk proceeds to fire a second shot from its third eye, which destroys both Mistilteinn and Ariella's barriers, but is unable to destroy Lisa's spear of mithril before running out of power. Lisa then throws her spear at the Dragon while Iris prepares to commence her own attack.

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