Witch of Silver Explosions
Manga Chapter 2 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 1
Chapter 2
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Witch of Silver Explosions is the second chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the first manga volume.

Synopsis Edit

Yuu Mononobe reminisces about his past in NIFL and how he never crossed the line of killing someone, until the time he almost came close during his first encounter with Iris.

In Midgard's infirmary, Iris wakes up, with Yuu narrating what happened during training to her. After Iris explains her past to Yuu and the reason she wishes to join the Counter-Dragon Squad, Yuu suggests that the two of them train together until the test. After Mitsuki walks in and hears the situation, she agrees to supervise them, reminding Yuu to be extra careful not to engage in illicit sexual relationships as a D loses her powers when she becomes pregnant.

During practice, both Yuu and Iris are unsuccessful in their attempts to either destroy the target diamond or form a shield. While going to buy lunch, Yuu encounters the rest of his classmates, where Lisa's comment about Iris' ability being extremely unusual gives Yuu an idea. During the selection test, Yuu passes as a reserve member, while Iris passes as a regular member by destroying the diamond with her explosion ability, prompting her to burst into tears in Yuu's embrace.

A few days later, Yuu is contacted by his former superior, Major Loki, much to his surprise and unease.

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