Members of the Counter-Dragon Squad with their Fictional Armaments.

In the Unlimited Fafnir series, Fictional Armaments are aids used by Midgard-trained Ds to facilitate the transmutation of dark matter to produce all kinds of substances and phenomena. They are generated from dark matter and are usually inspired from weapons featured in various myths and legends.

Overview Edit

Fictional Armaments consist of dark matter that has been shaped into a piece of equipment, with only their surface having roughly materialized. They usually imitate mythical weapons, since transmutation might sometimes occur directly and subconsciously if objects that actually existed are used for reference. Their main function is to aid the user by making the transmutation outcome easier to imagine (for instance, if it's a bow, it will shoot), thus preventing any unexpected matter to be produced due to uncertainties in mental images and allowing the user to automatically execute attacks. If a D, however, loses his/her will to fight, the Fictional Armament will dissipate. A D's Fictional Armament also serves as a reservoir of dark matter to draw upon until depletion necessitates the summoning of more dark matter. The transmutation of air from dark matter is considered the most versatile due to its many offensive (e.g. bullets of air), defensive (wind barriers) and utility (flight) applications.

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