Mitsuki's Living Quarters is a personal dormitory in Midgard belonging to Mitsuki Mononobe. It also serves as Yuu Mononobe's quarters, and later on houses the rest of Brynhildr Class as well.


The dorm was constructed a year before the start of the series series under the orders of Principal Charlotte B. Lord and given to Mitsuki as she requested a personal living space for her and her brother once she located him, but also due to her needing to move out of the girls' dorm after the incident with her roommate Miyako Shinomiya.

However, as of Volume 9, the entire Brynhildr Class moved into Mitsuki's dorm to hide the fact that their dragon marks had changed color after Yuu marked them as his mates, with Jeanne moving in as Shion's guardian. They later officially moved in as of Volume 11.


It's depicted as a large 4 storey building of modern design, with front entrance doors that open automatically by a sensor panel next to them via hand placement by authorized personnel.

Known ResidentsEdit


  • Yuu's room plate reads "Nii-san" in bubbly handwriting.