Nanato City is a fictional town in the Unlimited Fafnir series, as well as the hometown of Yuu and Mitsuki Mononobe. It is located in Asia, Japan.


The town and its residents had mostly lived out their days in peace up until three years before the start of the series, when it was attacked by a Hekatonkheir controlled by 'Black' Vritra. However, thanks to the actions of Yuu Mononobe, who defeated Hekatonkheir, the town was spared from total devastation.


Around a four hour drive from Tokyo, the town is located in the central region of an island mountain, where it is sandwiched between two great mountains. It's a countryside town with neither towering buildings nor special characteristics, and also contains a river that runs through the middle of town. There also exists a sloped path that leads to an observation platform that was remodeled from the remains of a castle. There are also scant remnants of the castle walls located on the edges of the observation platform with a sign board erected on the side to introduce the historical ruins. It's shown to have a perfect view of the city with the inclusion of a telescope nearby, but was noted to be rarely visited. While not exactly rural, the town cannot be described as one of those modernized and developed regional cities. Nanato City is generally portrayed as having a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Signs of destruction left by Hekatonkheir's presence from three years prior still remain, with the neighboring towns not having made much progress in the reconstruction.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Mononobe Household
  • Mitsuki's old home
  • Castle Ruins
    • Observation Platform
  • Arcade
  • Park
  • Shopping Street
  • Elementary School



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