The Principality of Erlia is a fictional small country in the Unlimited Fafnir series. It is located in western Europe.


Originally, the land was part of a large nation's territory before gaining independence during the chaos after World War II. The Crest family had ruled the region for centuries and established a monarchy not long ago. When Albert Crest, Firill's grandfather, took the throne, he voluntarily gave up power, creating a democratic system, and opened up state-owned land to the people to extract rare resources. As such, the Principality achieved astounding economic growth in recent years.

The Principality also provided financial aid to the various European nations plagued by Dragon disasters and economic recessions. Due to such interactions, the Principality was able to exert widespread influence over the world. Thanks to that, Albert Crest was able to successfully petition for the restoration of the human rights of Ds and enabled Midgard to become an autonomous educational facility for Ds, with the Principality becoming one of Midgard's major sponsors.

Overview Edit

The entire country is surrounded by tall mountains. Because of that, it's known as the 'Landlocked Island' and methods of transportation to the outside world are very limited. All the land routes have to cross mountains and, although there are rivers passing through the mountain range, the rapids only allow one-way traffic exiting the country. As such, the Principality relies on airplanes as the chief mode of transportation, something which became possible only after the construction of the airport.

The streets inside the city are exceptionally modernized, although some areas mostly contain an abundance of historic buildings with distinctive styles.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Great Waterfall of Erlia
  • Erlia Castle
  • Erlia's Royal Palace

Notable ResidentsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The locals have a custom of sending off the deceased with lively celebrations. In the case of the death of royal family members, a three-day long festival is being held in their honor.

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