White Leviathan
Leviathan Anime
Vital statistics
Kanji 白のリヴァイアサン
Romaji Shiro no rivuaiasan
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date January 15, 2015
Written by Yuki Enatsu
Directed by Keizō Kusakawa
Ending Ray of Bullet
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Next Howling Fafnir

White Leviathan (白のリヴァイアサン, Shiro no rivuaiasan) is the second episode of the Unlimited Fafnir anime series. It premiered on January 15, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Following the emergency alert about 'White' Leviathan's approach, Yuu receives a call from his former superior in NIFL, Major Loki Jotunheim. Loki asks Yuu to kill the D whose dragon mark has changed color, threatening him that he will otherwise have to resort to less efficient means.

The following day, after Mitsuki speaks to the entire school body about Leviathan's approach, Yuu notices Iris' absence and starts searching for her. He eventually finds her on the school roof and confirms that her dragon mark has started changing color. Although Iris expresses her fear of turning into a Dragon and hurting everyone, Yuu assures her that if it comes to it, he'll kill her himself. Afterwards, Yuu requests from Mitsuki to let him guard Iris in order to prevent NIFL from making a move. Mitsuki reluctantly agrees under the condition that she will be the one to kill Iris in the worst case scenario. Although Yuu tries to protest, Mitsuki states that her hands are already stained with blood. Following his conversation with Loki, Yuu encounters Lisa, who tells Yuu that in the battle against 'Purple' Kraken two years ago, it was Mitsuki who killed both the Kraken and the dragonified Miyako Shinomiya. The next day, Leviathan begins its attack on Midgard, while the Counter-Dragon Squad prepares to intercept it.

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Differences between Light Novel and Anime Edit

  • The bathroom scene with Yuu and Iris is omitted, along with the scene where the two of them sleep on the same bed.
  • In the Light Novel, NIFL dispatches forces to attack Leviathan, something which doesn't happen in the anime.

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